Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act - Disposal of Old Devices

Environmentally friendly disposal of old electrical appliances

In accordance with the regulations of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG), we are obliged to take back electrical appliances delivered by us and to ensure their reuse or disposal, and to inform you of the following: Electrical appliances are marked with a crossed-out garbage can symbol. This means that batteries and old appliances must not be disposed of with household waste or unsorted municipal waste.

Electrical and electronic waste contains harmful substances and resources. The harmful substances can have negative effects on health and the environment. As a consumer, you are legally obliged to dispose of electrical and electronic waste at an authorized collection point, for example at a collection point of the local municipality or district. This ensures that the old devices are properly recycled and negative effects on the environment are avoided.

You can contact us by email or phone. We also offer free shipping for your old devices. We dispose of them professionally or you can also give your old devices to our wholesale partners who will forward them to us.

Our registration number with the Foundation for the Registry of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EAR) is: WEEE-Reg.-No.: DE 40511288.